Taking Fish Oil Every day Whereas Pregnant May Enhance The Kid’s Mind Operate


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On the health news this afternoon, consuming fish oil daily while pregnant could improve your child’s brain function over time. Researchers in Spain found that babies who received the supplement when they were developing in the womb had better concentration, memory and thinking skills by the age of 10.

A new study in The Lancet suggests that people with previous COVID-19 infection may be up to 85% less likely to be re-infected, possibly over months. Researchers say their antibody screening data will be critical in ending the pandemic when new variants emerge.

A new analysis in the Journal of Neurology shows that even a mild case of coronavirus can have implications for your mental and spiritual health. The researchers found that these COVID patients frequently reported fatigue, muscle pain, loss of taste, or even depression due to home isolation. Stay with us. Next comes the seven-day forecast.


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